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 Multi- instrumentalist, singer, sound designer, composer, actor, film producer, painter, certified cosmetologist...
Simply-an Artist.

 Over the past twenty years my greatest passion, and main occupation was ( and still is):
dog grooming.

I consider myself blessed to be in position to meet, bind, heal, style and play with these marvelous creatures;
to have their 'furry canvases' at my disposal;
 create a style that fits precisely with their unique personalities and  characters?

I am truly honored to become the new owner of "Noni's Pet Boutique And Grooming" salon.
Thank you for being our loyal clients through the years.

      Beodan Dan Miric

Pet Groomer


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The primary objective of our team is to offer owners and pets a distinctive experience, and unrelenting  dedication to the higher standards.

From humble beginnings, we were able to expand our services and become a a premier dog spa in the area.

We continuously push ourselves farther while keeping an eye on our progress to ensure that every client is fully satisfied with our services, and every pet gets the best spa experience.

We value your opinions and loyalty very much.



Noni's stylists







Pricing of our services may vary depending on weight, breed, coat condition, coat type, and temperament of your pet.

Please Note:

All grooming packages (except for express baths) include 10-15 minutes of brush out.

If more than 15 minutes of brush out is required, an additional brush out fee(s) may apply. 

For more detailed information regarding prices give us call.                                       




small              0-  15            lbs

medium          16- 32            lbs

large              33-60            lbs  

extra large     61- 90            lbs

giant              91+               lbs


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